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We can help you with your job search!

We’ve been employees, hiring managers, & business owners – we understand the challenges and frustrations of finding the job that's best for you.

Bob - 03.04.20

Bob . . . had me looking at my career in a whole new way.  It was a fun and self-reflective process that gave me tons of confidence in my job search.  (Jim G)

Your availability for early morning and after-hours phone calls and emails provided me confidence in your dedication and professionalism.  (James R)

Bob has a BS, an MBA, and several decades of business leadership experience in multiple industries.  He has hired, built, and coached teams to success.  He's also been a consultant, and most recently, an Executive Recruiter, placing highly qualified people in career-expanding positions.

  • Create your professional resume

  • Build a career-focused network

  • Stop wasting time on online job boards

  • Find jobs no one knows about

  • Connect directly with Hiring Managers

  • Have a powerful and successful interview

KMH A - 10.14.20

Karen earned her Bachelors in education and is a licensed educator.  She has a passion for helping people and previously worked in public accounting and consulting.  Returning to the workforce after raising two children, she currently works in clinical research and is a leading TRC Team Member.

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