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Your privacy is important, and we never share, publish, or provide your name, contact information, or any other personal information with any person or organization.  (With the exception of Testimonials - see below).

When our collaboration is complete, we will maintain records of our work together and a copy of your completed resume (if applicable) in the event that you choose to work with us in the future.


PRODUCTS & ADVERTISING - We do not endorse or promote any products or outside services nor do we have any advertisers or promotional material on our website.

FEES FOR OUR SERVICES - We believe that every client has individual and unique needs, so we do not sell bundles of services.  When you contact us, we will develop an individualized program for the work we agree to do together and will provide you with a fixed investment price. 

PAYMENTS - We accept payment for our services through third party payment processors or payment by check.  We never accept or hold any credit card or bank information from our clients.

RESUME CONTENT - We construct your resume with the information that you provide.  We always strongly recommend 100% accuracy and truthfulness in your document and can provide ideas for presenting unique situations.  Ultimately, however, you are fully responsible for your resume format, content, and accuracy.

DISCLAIMER - We take great pride in the work we do with our clients, and we make every reasonable effort to provide you with options and ideas appropriate for your situation and goals.  We encourage you to ask questions and explore alternatives with us throughout the process.  However, we cannot guarantee that you will achieve a particular result or get a specific job.

TESTIMONIALS - We ask for and really appreciate testimonials from our clients when our engagement is complete.  Your testimonial may be published in print or online but will always be anonymous (First Name and Last Initial) unless you specifically pre-approve in writing the use of your full name.

REFERRALS - Referrals are a strong source of business which we appreciate and for which we may offer specified free coaching services as an acknowledgement.  All you need to do is ask your referral to give us your name when they contact us.

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