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"Bob was a great coach!  I’m a recent college grad without a lot of experience, and he helped me build my resume from scratch.  I got my current job in supply chain without applying online; Bob showed me how to network and I was able to contact my new boss directly, and I got hired within a few weeks."  (Olivia R.)

"Things are going well!!  EVERYONE has said the same thing, 'You have quite the impressive resume!'  I am out straight right now with interviews.  (Tami C)

"I knew I wanted to work with a resume counselor but I had concerns about their knowledge of my industry, video and film production.  Bob swiftly elevated the conversation far above those concerns and had me looking at my career in a whole new way.  It was a fun and self-reflective process that gave me tons of confidence in my job search."  (Jim G)

"It was a pleasure working with you, and I really appreciate the work you've done and the advice you've given me.  Even just our discussions have put me back in the spirit of the job hunt; a successful one at that." (Lucas C)

"Working with Bob was great!  He was very informative and walked me through step by step on how to put together my thoughts, skills and past achievements so that we could construct a resume that I am proud of and confident in.  If you’re having trouble with your resume, working with The Resume Constructor is definitely a great idea!"  (Doug C)

I wanted to thank you again for designing, editing, reviewing, and putting finishing touches on my resume on such short notice.  Your availability for early morning and after-hours phone calls and emails provided me confidence in your dedication and professionalism to produce a great final product.  I will be recommending you services to friends and family.  (Jim R)

"Bob is an expert in developing the proper communication to potential employers, exuding the best of your talents in a succinct and thorough fashion.  Portable skills are integrated with natural skills using Bob's career skill harvesting methodology.  But that's not all, Bob's skill set is equivalently useful in helping employers write effective job ads that more exactly connect and appeal to the best job applicant.  Bob is a pleasure to work with and is truly seeking the best outcome for all involved, employer and potential employee." (Charlie F)

"Working with Bob was both very helpful and insightful.  He knows just the right questions to ask to encourage some deep thought about past experiences.  I’m a recent college graduate, and he not only provided me with a great resume that presents me well, but also with some valuable advice as I begin the job hunt.  I would highly recommend The Resume Constructor team to anyone at any stage in their career."  (Lucas C)

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