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You've applied online and been ignored and ghosted!  We know why, and we can help.


Posting on job boards without success?  You won't find top-tier candidates online.  We can show you how to find the best!


We've been job candidates ourselves, and we know how difficult and frustrating it can be.  We're here to help you find the job you want, and we'll show you how you can do it with much less pain!

It was a pleasure working with you, and I really appreciate the work you've done and the advice you've given me.  (Lucas C)

I wanted to thank you again . . . I will be recommending your services to friends and family.  (James R)

Let us introduce our team and discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them.  There's no obligation - we'd welcome your call.

Explore Our Career Mentoring Services

Most jobs are NOT filled through online applications.

We'll  help you build a strong business network to greatly increase your opportunities.

A resume should demonstrate your accomplishments - targeted to the role you want.


Will your resume help you get the job you want?

Social media is great, but it can also hurt your job search.

Does your social media present a professional image?

Applying online?  Tired of ghosting?

No response?


We know why and can get you off this treadmill.

Most managers are great at their job but are not skilled interviewers.


We'll show you how to prepare for and nail your interview - and more!

Free Tools To Help Your Search

Free things aren't always valuable and helpful.  But many people have benefitted from our Tools.  Click to get yours . . .


Many businesses have been posting on job boards without success.  You get all kinds of applicants and most are unqualified.

We aren't recruiters, but we can show you how to find and hire the key contributors you need by using:

  • Creative candidate-attracting job descriptions

  • A welcoming and thoughtful interview process

"Bob's skill set is equally useful in helping employers write effective job ads that more exactly connect and appeal to the best job applicant.  Bob is a pleasure to work with and is truly seeking the best outcome for all involved, employer and potential employee."  Charles F.

Let us introduce ourselves and discuss how we can help you and your business.

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