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I Don't Have Time To Network!

Your Professional Network

Building and maintaining a professional network is a relationship-building process. It takes time ‒ you don’t build your relationship with a few short meetings or through emails. It’s symbiotic – you’re supporting each other, learning from each other, and helping when you can. Unfortunately, many people don’t create a professional network because it requires intent and time. You’d probably be going to professional dinner meetings, taking more time away from friends and family. Or you’d be giving up your lunch break to meet someone new and talk about the work that you have in common.

It's Too Late Now!

Many people, when they suddenly find themselves without a job, kick off a mad scramble to get a new one. Maybe they realize that they haven’t planned ahead. They don’t have a professional network, and they’re now calling people with whom they haven’t had a conversation in a while: “Hi _____, this is _____. I lost my job last week, and I could use your help in finding a new one.” Probably not a great way to rekindle that professional relationship. Or get any help in finding the position that’s right for you.

Resorting To The Online Job Posting Dumpster

If you don’t have a robust network, you’re now applying online to every job that sounds even remotely like one you could do (like everyone else). Guess what? While you’re busy filling out ridiculous online job applications, someone is networking their way into the same company. They have an introduction to the Hiring Manager, they’re ready to talk about their contribution, and they won’t be wasting time trying to get past the HR Blockade.

That networked person won’t be using their time to outsmart the ATS System by packing it full of Keywords they found online (like everyone else). They’ll be sitting down with the Hiring Manager, talking about the business and how they will help them make more money and contribute to achieving the company’s goals.

Start Now – You’ll Learn Something

Now is the time to start. You may be happy in your current role and not see the need for a new job in the near future. But things may change. And what if they don’t? There’s so much more to networking than prepping for a new position. Professional networking is about community – learning from your peers and contributing – giving back. And you may even have a lot of fun!

We Can Help

If you’re serious about your career and would like to discuss ways to build your powerful network, call us at TRC for an introductory conversation: 774-612-3104. Or visit our website:

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