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Ditch The Resume - Just Network

Applying for jobs online is a difficult process. You worry about whether a job is real, whether anyone ever looked at your resume, or if you were instantly rejected for some unknown reason. What if you could go around the online posting and application nonsense? How could you do that?


What If . . .

Dawn, a CFO in your professional network, knows Steve, a VP of Operations in her network. You don’t know Steve, but he and Dawn are professionally well-connected.

Dawn called you one day and said, “Steve ____ has a ____ position at ____. I told him about you, and he’d like to meet.”

You met Steve the very next week on a Thursday evening at one of his facilities. You spoke for several hours ─ introducing yourselves, discussing the company’s needs, and focusing on how you’d help them make more money. Steve didn’t ask about your salary history or any silly questions (Tell me your biggest weakness), and he didn’t even ask for your resume. Why? Because you showed how you could do the job, he knew and trusted Dawn professionally, and she recommended you!

You had a job offer the NEXT DAY, with a really nice increase, and started your new position two weeks later!

This isn’t a What If ─ It’s Real.

I was the candidate, the job was great, and it’s not the only time I’ve gotten a new job this way. Also, as an Executive Recruiter, I’ve given many candidates this same opportunity — a direct introduction to the Hiring Manager — I’ve been their network.

Even with this method, you’ll still need a resume for the company records, but this is the amazing power of your networking connections, keeping in touch, and giving back.

Reach out to us at The Resume Constructor and let us help you build your powerful network!

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