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Here's Who's Hiring Now

We see this frequently online, don’t we ─ a list of companies that are supposedly hiring. Last week there was one that had 38,000 hits! Everyone’s running to see the information. And these things keep popping up like weeds in the garden.

You can imagine what follows: thousands of people submit their resumes to those companies’ online application systems, with carefully keyword-packed resumes, hoping to get past the mindless automated sorting tools that are called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Of course, there’s information online about the way these systems Score Your Resume and How to Beat ATS. It’s like chess or war games ─ move, counter move ─ checkmate, you’re dead!

It’s a vicious circle. Companies widely broadcast their openings, making it easy for anyone to apply, then they receive so many resumes that they need a computerized system to track them, then they can’t find the qualified candidates to fill their openings. Maybe that’s because the highly qualified candidates aren’t wasting their time; they’re busy making their current company profitable.

What if you were in line for a concert and there were thousands of people ahead of you? Would you stay in line or try to get in some other way? If you did stay in line, hoping for a ticket, there’s probably someone already backstage meeting the performers.

Would you rather be waiting in line or meeting the artists?

Just like a lottery ticket, applying online may make you the big winner. You might get an opportunity to meet a human. But, just like a lottery ticket, you probably shouldn’t waste too much money or time for a small chance.

If you want ideas on ‘getting backstage’ ─ actually meeting the Hiring Manger ─ contact us at The Resume Constructor for an introductory conversation. Explore our services at Call us at 774-612-3104

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