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Is it a Job Description or Wish List?

Many so-called Job Descriptions are littered with every possible thing a group of people could think of – they’re a wish list – a group-created task list. Last week a client showed us a 6-PAGE job description for a position that interested her! Are you kidding me? How could any job need 6 pages of fine print to explain what the position requires? After the first page or two you’re so confused that you have no idea what the job really entails!

A lot of these documents are written by a group of people, many of whom don’t really know the details of the position’s requirements. No one takes charge, and the result is that it becomes a list of anything and everything each person can think of.

How could you possibly have all the experience, skills, and attributes listed ─ if they are listed ─ and if you can find them in the clutter? How are you supposed to target your resume and discuss the job in an interview if they can’t clearly convey what they need? You need to know what the job entails so you can intelligently discuss how you will contribute to company profitability.

When you’re looking for a new job, it’s sometimes difficult to “pass,” but if the Hiring Manager doesn’t take charge and can’t define their needs clearly and succinctly, what’s it like to work there? Is that an organization where you could be successful?

Call us at The Resume Constructor to discuss ways to get beyond the “group task list” and target organizations where you’d thrive. We welcome your calls and the opportunity to talk with you and introduce ourselves. 774-612-3104

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