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It’s ALMOST True!

Check your favorite news source!

Here we go again! A winning candidate for a Congressional position is all over the news ‒ for all the wrong reasons. Misrepresenting himself on his resume. This was apparently more than a little stretch here or there. He has apparently embellished his:

o Employment history

o Education

o Finances

o Charitable work

o Family background and ancestry

Outside of politics, some of these elements would not be on our resume, but the point is there – a resume should proudly state your accomplishments ‒ but not exaggerate or mislead!

Have you been there?

It’s not unusual for someone well-known, or in a position of authority, to be suddenly called out because their resume wasn’t truthful, and it’s in the headlines. How many more times has this happened, but we didn’t hear about it? Even if it didn’t make the news, it’s painful for the people involved:

o They attended the college but didn’t really graduate

o They were a single contributor, not a manager

o They were laid off, so they ‘adjusted’ their employment date

o Their accomplishments were overstated

o Etc., etc.

Many of us have bumps or gaps in our life and our careers, but our resumes need to be factual and truthful. Focus on the things you’ve accomplished and present them in the best possible way ‒ don’t be afraid to explain what you’ve done.

Don’t get hired and fired in the same week

Especially in this internet, social media, 24/7 digital age, it’s not difficult for potential employers to dig into your background, if they’re interested. You may slide past the interview process and get the offer, but you can still have your offer withdrawn or be released later.

Focus your resume on the position you want, but don’t invent things to match the job description. NO ONE has all the skills / qualifications scattered on these multi-page “job descriptions” that companies create for The Online Job Posting Dumpster. Portray your [truthful] best self and go for it!

The TRC Team

We deeply believe in a better way to find the job that’s best for you, and it’s NOT through online job applications. If you have career gaps (nasty boss, raising children, family emergencies, etc.), you’ll be able to put them in context, in person, and not be automatically rejected by an Applicant Tracking System. This approach is more sophisticated, and certainly more principled than lying on your resume.

At TRC, we’re always available for a no-commitment introduction to discuss how we can help you achieve your next career goal. Call The Resume Constructor team at 774-612-3104, or visit us at:

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