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It’s The Season For Ghosts . . . And Ghosting

What season IS this?

It certainly is the season for ghosts, but, unfortunately, ghosting doesn’t have a season – it’s a year-round event. There’s no end to the stories we hear from our clients about the way they’ve been treated by prospective employers:

o Never heard anything regarding an application.

o Had a phone screen with a promise to follow up, then nothing.

o Some of our clients have made it to interview stages, thought the meeting(s) went well. Never received a follow-up.

Sadly, this is now the norm for most job candidates. I’m not a job candidate, but I have my own recent experience.

My recent ghosting experience

Last month I received an email. This was the exact wording [but I’ve deleted the Name and Company].

Hi Robert:

I hope you are doing well.

My name is ______, and I am a Talent Acquisition Director with ______. I saw that you've engaged on projects with us in the past, so I wanted to reach out. I was wondering if you were available to consult right now. I’m happy to set-up some time to speak if you are free.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I’m not in the job market, but I was curious, so I responded with my availability over the next several days (and I provided broad windows to make it easy for them to schedule).

GUESS WHAT? Ghosted!! I never received a reply to my email.

I was a known entity, I had successfully completed projects, they apparently had a need, but I was ghosted, nevertheless.

So, what does this mean?

Given the way the recruiting and hiring process works (or doesn’t, actually) for most companies these days, ghosting is probably here to stay. Even when you have a successful track record, and the company has a need, you’ll still be left hanging. . . .

There IS a better way

We coach our clients to approach their job search in a different way from most of those who are searching. They get directly in touch with the Hiring Manager and completely avoid all the online – application – ghosting – what ever happened to my application? craziness.

We can help you improve YOUR search results. Reach out to us at The Resume Constructor so we can have a conversation and introduce ourselves. Call us at 774-612-3104. Or visit our website at to learn more.

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