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Let's Get Us Some Talent!

This is the new HR hiring buzzword these days isn’t it: Talent.

o Talent Acquisition

o Talent Procurement

o Talent Strategy

o Talent Officer

o Talent Development

o Talent . . . . .

I take offense to this language and thinking. I believe I’m talented in certain things, but I am not “talent.” I am not a thing to be “procured” or “acquired.”

When I hear these words, I think of some old cowboy movie where the character might say, “We got to get us some new horses.” I imagine a modern-era company version where the conversation is about filling roles, and the manager says, “We got to get us some good talent.” (And, PS, “How little can we pay them?” . . . but that’s another topic).

I believe that you should take offense to this, too. It’s not just a series of titles, it’s a way of thinking, and it’s WRONG! You are a person, not a thing. You have skills that you’ve developed in school and over time. You offer your time, skills, experience, and accomplishments in return for compensation. You want to be part of a team in an environment where you work together to increase the company’s profits, not in a place where you were “acquired” or “procured” like some piece of equipment.

If you believe that you are not “talent” ─ some piece of equipment ─ and would like to discuss how to find companies that believe in you and treat you like a person, not a thing, call us at The Resume Constructor. No obligation, just an introduction and a conversation. 774-612-3104 Or visit our website at

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