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Online Application Frustration #!%*&^

How much success have you had with online job applications?

We’ve been sold the idea that online technology will solve everyone’s career problems. Candidates can simply paste their resume into some site where companies pay money to have their positions posted. Presto! Technology will instantly match you, and the company will hire you right away. That’s what the ads imply. How’s that been working for you?

Technology is awesome. Computers and the internet have forever altered the planet and how we interact. But does it help good companies and great candidates find each other?

Not so much . . .

You apply online and then wait ─ and wait some more ─ nothing! No response ─ no feedback. Companies are busy rejecting people and asking candidates to jump through hoops with long online application that are often flawed. Did they reject you for some ridiculous reason, or because their online form is not working properly?

Did they refuse to let you proceed because you had the audacity to refuse their request for your complete salary history? (We'll discuss THAT next time).

Neither you nor the company are learning much about each other, and jobs remain unfilled.

We call this The Online Treadmill, and we can help you avoid this insanity and dramatically improve your job search. Call or email us at The Resume Constructor – let’s introduce ourselves, and we’ll share more information.

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